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Wholesale internet in the USA

Wholesale internet in the USA

What is wholesale Internet?

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Wholesale Cable Internet

Like almost all goods and services, internet access and related services are available on the wholesale market. This means there is an opportunity to buy these internet services direct from a supplier at a much lower cost than regular retail prices, and become an internet reseller by redistributing those services to other businesses or customers.

What internet services are available wholesale?

A wide range of internet services are available wholesale. These services can include dial up, DSL, VoIP, 4G/3G, fiber, or cable internet. Also ISP services, like website hosting, DNS, and email hosting can be purchased wholesale by ISP and DSL resellers.

Why are internet services purchased wholesale and resold?

Telecommunication and cable companies often engage in wholesale internet deals with each other so that they can better serve their customers in different markets. For instance a business opening in a new area may purchase wholesale broadband from a local firm to sell on to their own customers rather than going through the effort of building their own lines. This is a much more cost effective and risk free way of generating more profit.

The wholesale internet market is also a perfect white label business opportunity for organizations wanting to become ISP (Internet Service Providers). Internet services are fairly generic and can be purchased at affordable prices which you can then add your own branding to to turn a profit.

How can I become a wholesale internet distributor?

There are a number of reseller opportunities available for businesses across the USA. If you’d like more information about the wholesale internet market or are interested in becoming a wholesale internet reseller yourself, talk to us today.  We will provide you with reliable, honest advice that comes straight from the source.

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